About Wilder

Wilder is more than just a group of young environmentalists clamouring for change, it is a movement. It represents the hopes and aspirations of a new generation of conservationists sick and tired of watching as wildlife, and the needs of our countryside, take a backseat to ignorance, greed and vested interests. Hopes that centre on a Wilder future for all, where politicians, policy-makers and countryside bodies incentivise wildlife in any decisions made with regards to the future of the British Isles.

Our mission is simple: to provide an independent voice for the environment. To raise awareness of underexposed wildlife conservation issues in the UK, to campaign for positive legislative change and to provide a platform on which those invested in ecology and wildlife protection can fight for what they believe in. Particularly young people, those set to suffer the most through the continued erosion of environmental legislation. We are a campaign group with a specific focus on politics, policy and their subsequent impact upon nature.

Wilder is run for the people, by the people, but differs from other assemblages of young nature lovers in purpose. Whereas others do a great job of educating and inspiring, we wholeheartedly believe that the time has come for youth environmental movement to grow some teeth. And to take a firm, united and unafraid stance against injustice in our countryside. Something we hope to achieve through the combined passion and talent of our members, our committee, and our regional groups, as well as through a combination of traditional lobbying techniques, direct contact with influential bodies and a fresh, unorthodox approach to controversial issues.

Wilder is a wholly voluntary movement and is also fully independent. We have no affiliation with any existing conservation bodies, political parties or campaign groups. Our  existing members come from all walks of life and all backgrounds, and while each of us, of course, possess our own set of ideals, we all agree the time has come for action. As opposed to the gentle words and disapproving frowns that prevail at present.

Putting Wilder on the map is not going to be easy, but it can be done, and we firmly believe that together, through our combined voices,  we can ensure that the environment remains on the political agenda. And that together, can we ensure that wildlife receives the protection it so desperately requires. Let the uphill battle commence!

If you wish to get involved with Wilder, please contact us on Facebook or Twitter for more information. Or join the Wilder Forum to have your say.

James Common – Chairman at Wilder