The Team

Wilder has members across the length and breadth of Britain, including a number of people giving up their free time to set up regional groups in specific areas. Given the magnitude of what we hope to achieve, however, we thought it best to install a team in order to take on the various responsibilities associated with running a group of this kind. These are, for the time being, the go to faces of Wilder and each has pivotal part to play in the interesting times ahead.

 James Common – Director

James is a conservationist, nature writer and blogger from the North-East of England. He holds a BSc in Animal Conservation Science, is studying for an MIMG_3854.JPGSc in Wildlife Managment, and has, to date, held  a number of roles within the environmental sector. Most recently, as an Ecological field assistant in the Scottish Highlands, and in addition to voluntary work with the National Trust, RSPB and more. He maintains a personal blog, on which he shares his personal views on conservation issues, and contributes regular work to the websites of Wildlife Articles, Conservation Jobs and Environment South Africa. In addition to a number of written sources. His foremost interests lie in the realm of wildlife management, biological recording, media and, of course, birds. Twitter: @CommonByNature and Facebook Page

Peter Cooper – Campaigns


Pete is an amateur naturalist, wildlife photographer, and a Zoology undergraduate at the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus. He also has a particular love for nature writing and the way it straddles both the biological and cultural aspects of nature and has also written blog articles on wildlife-related issues for the Independent. He is now Editor-in-Chief for his University magazine Life, discussing natural history. Wildlife has been his lifetime passion – there was never a time when he remembers ‘discovering it’, and his earliest memories are indeed all animal related! Not surprisingly it’s all he has ever wanted to do as a career – currently, he volunteers for various wildlife conservation groups and zoos, be it monitoring badgers in the New Forest, conducting wildlife surveys at his local wetland site or educating people on the plights of wildlife in Africa. Inspired by his hero Gerald Durrell, the ultimate goal is to set up his own wildlife conservation trust, whilst inspiring as many people as possible to act for nature through natural history writing and broadcasting. Check out his blog!

Rachel French – Outreach 


Based on the Isle of Mull, Rachel is surrounded by brilliant wildlife, but also the stark knowledge that even Mull is degraded and declining. Whilst representing Birders Against Wildlife Crime as a team member Rachel has organised and ran two Hen Harrier Day events on the island, and given public talks on the topic, whilst raising money for a satellite tag project. She is also lightly involved with Wild Mull, a project set up by John Sawyer to improve Mull’s biodiversity. The Hebrides and Scotland are a special place for her and conserving their iconic wildlife is a priority. Twitter: @WildChild_Sco

Alex Pearce – Media Relations

14518541_10154662008466869_662439111_nAfter originally studying Marine Science, Alex found herself zookeeping for several years, working with a variety of different species. A love for British nature and a desire to tackle animal-related issues at the root of the problem, Alex got involved with the Essex Wildlife Trust and eventually became a long-term volunteer writer for the Trust, working on their living landscapes website. Through this, Alex fell in love with educating people about environmental issues via the written word and started writing more regularly. Mostly focusing on Cornwall, animals and British wildlife, Alex has since worked with charities such as the Wildlife Trusts and the Woodland Trust and writes for various magazines and websites. She is a keen amateur wildlife photographer whose photos have been used in magazines and by the Wildlife Trust. Alex is currently working in a wildlife sanctuary and is studying marketing and journalism part time.

Zoe De Pasquale – Social Media

Zoe is 21-year-oldld Suffolk-based naturalist, aspiring conservationist and Wildlife Trusts volunteer with particular interests in Ornithology, Entomology and Herpetology. She strongly abides by the view that it is no longer sufficient for one to merely enjoy nature, but rather to effect positive change for nature through diplomatic campaigning, educational outreach, and raising awareness of ongoing research. She is currently accruing a plethora of relevant experience in practical conservation, surveying, and campaigning prior to commencing a Zoology MSci next September. And hopes to specialise in one of the above three disciplines. In the mean time, Zoe intends to spread awareness of current issues facing wildlife through various communicative mediums and campaign for increased legislative protection of Britain’s fauna and flora whilst leisurely pursuing wildlife photography and ardently reading whatever relevant material she can get her hands on.

Robyn Womack – Policy and Research

14359134_10154106876799825_5297161445896836033_nRobyn is a wildlife enthusiast from the sunny Isle of Wight, having interest in all animals, from cetaceans to parasitic worms! She graduated in Zoology from Aberystwyth University in 2014, where she did her Honours project on the responses of birdsong to environmental noise from aircraft and traffic. At Aberystwyth, Robyn was President of the Zoological Society, a mentor on undergraduate “Zoo Science” module and was also lucky enough to volunteer with the Vincent Wildlife Trust on their highly successful Pine Marten recovery project. Robyn is now working on her PhD on the daily rhythms of behaviour and genetics of great tits living in the beautiful Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, Scotland. Robyn runs a blog on her project, called Clockwork Ecology, and hopes to be a science and nature “sci comm” writer in the future. When not pipetting bird DNA in the lab, or carrying ladders around in the field searching for nest boxes, Robyn is a keen hiker, climber, swimmer and BTO trainee ringer. Like everyone on the Wilder committee, Robyn is really passionate about getting people involved in caring about nature conservation, and fully believes that wildlife policies should be backed by good scientific research!